Their unexpected smiles,

false sense of familiarity

misplaced kisses

comforting tenderness

…allow for seconds of complete and utter surrender.

Thank you!



When I first heard about Randy Pausch and his famous ‘last lecture’ at Carnegie Mellon,  I was sceptical.

We are flooded by people who make their private lives public, and an even larger portion of people who spend their lives consuming other people’s insignificantly trivial lives. There are exceptions.  When Randy Pausch decided to make his private story public  (with the help of the youtube phenomenon) his lecture inspired millions of people.  After watching it, I felt the strange urge to live the rest of my life as a Tigger!

If you have an hour to spare watch this lecture.  Watch it if you feel you need inspiration or a couple of good guidelines in life.  Watch it if you are not religious but you feel you need a good philosophy for those hard moments in life.   Watch it  if you feel you are becoming cynical or an eternal Eeyore…

Enough said – here is the link to the original unedited lecture directly from the Carnegie Mellon website (you can use itunes to download it or just watch it on youtube). I got several valuable lessons out of it – I hope you will too!!!

The Moon

An old man just walked with difficulty through the beach to feed the seagulls. They came all at once, breaking the silence for a couple of minutes and then suddenly flew away.  The old man started making his way back, turned around and looked at the seagulls for a brief moment.  I am not sure why this  touched me, but it did.   I guess it was an image Krzysztof Kieslowski and my all time favourite director, Z.,  would have appreciated.  I felt the strong need to share this but there was no-one standing next to me when it happened, so I will share it through this blog…

It’s getting dark now.  Another night I will spend alone,  approaching the thin line between alone and lonely. I am waiting for the high tide to show the reflection of the moon and bring the sound of the waves. The waves that whisper what I don’t dare to say…

To The Moon

Art thou pale of weariness
Of climbing heaven and gazing on the earth,
Wandering companionless
Among the stars that have a different birth, —
And ever changing, like a joyless eye
That finds no object worth its constancy?

P.B. Shelley

A room with a view…

A room with a view.   A sea view.

Breakfast, the smell of coffee and the salty air – and each day starts effortlessly…  Warm people around me, fill me with energy and smiles.

After a hard day at work, I come back to the room. The room with the sea view.  The sun sets -every night the colours are different. I pause, and silently observe them.  And then the night comes with the sound of the waves, candle light and the voice of Tom Waits… Exquisite.

I am ready for life.

It was that simple.

Thank you Mario.

Thank you for the room with the sea view.